Let’s make your own STORY BOXES! Unleash It!

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Teaching English Articles

Let’s imagine this illustration

Miss Carla is our English Teacher. One day, she brought three boxes into the class. She said these boxes are magic boxes. After hearing that, we feel very curious to see what inside the boxes. Then, she asks us about what things are inside one box. It is the red one covered the front side. Miss Carla tells us the clue that it is a magic box.  Every of us try to guess what inside the box. Unfortunately!  No one knows. Thus, Miss Carla picks one item from the box. It is a witch hat. She asks us what it is. With a loud voice, we say that it is a witch hat. After that, she takes other stuffs that still relate with magic. After presenting several stuffs, she asks us about what story is related with these stuffs. We say it is a harry potter. Next, she directs us to read Harry Potter”

From the story above, we can imply that teaching reading is not interacting with text on the textbook only, but also can be integrated into an interactive activity like what the illustration’s above tell us. If you interested in creating these story boxes for teaching English, you can view this link

Click on it !!


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